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It has been 130,000 years since mankind set out for the stars and conquered the galaxy that its inhabitants call Asgaroon. In this long period of time, full of wars and conquests, humans have been able to maintain their supremacy among the many empires of the galaxy. An age of heroes and villains, in „Short Stories“ I want to introduce some of the characters who play important roles in my NOMADS LEGACY series of novels, or help to shed light on the background of this space opera.

1. The infinite dream

Sareena, a Tengiji warrior, ends up on the prison world of Kassun, where she is forced to work under murderous environmental conditions. As she struggles to survive each day, she finds herself in strange and sinister situations. Apparently she has attracted the interest of a higher power and realizes that her situation is not entirely hopeless.

2. Zeelona and Yadina

Zeelona Bonathoo and her sister are an inseparable team. Together they have done many a thing, but to join the inner circle of those entitled to a leadership role within the pirate fraternity, Zeelona needs one more feat to gain the respect of the experienced pirates. She has chosen the wealthy industrialist and collector Culver Coleman as the target of her venture. A man surrounded by many secrets and legends, but one who could thwart Zeelona’s plans.

3. A dark secret

The massive Fayroo Worldjumper Portals are relics of the Old Empire, an age of myth and legend. They are still used to travel to distant star systems and are part of everyday life for the inhabitants of Asgaroon. Nevertheless, the portals are objects full of secrets. No one has ever succeeded in penetrating these gates, let alone even approaching them – many have tried, but paid with their lives. But Nea wants to get to the bottom of the mysteries and rumors.

4. Operation Ghost

An Imperial frigate drifts unguided through the Scutra system. A spaceport world and an important hub in the galaxy. Nea is tasked with investigating the situation. But what begins as a rescue mission soon turns out to be an adventure that leads her deep into the circles of a feared crime syndicate.

5. Move by move

Arwed is an experienced pilot who mainly takes on courier flights that take him through contested territory. But the battle lines in the galactic civil war have stiffened after years of fighting. All parties seem exhausted. The new mission should therefore be a simple venture. But as always, things turn out differently …

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A Spaceship a Day

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